Welcome to Genesis IT, Pete's home on the web.

Who is Pete?
I'm a 30 something living in Bournemouth, England. I'm currently employed as Senior Software Engineer for a national voice and data networking company and I have a passion for how things work.
Oh, I also watch movies and play video games. Hey, I'm only human!

In truth, this domain is used for little more than email. Still, since I've owned it since 2002 (it's 2016 today) and have only ever updated the homepage once before, I figure it's probably time to do something a little more... modern!
The old site is still around, not that I know why anyone would care!

Maybe, with the fullness of time, I'll actually build a proper website. (Paid work comes first you know!)
Until then, please feel free to reach out via social media or email to: enquiries@genesis-it.net